• Scrap Metal Recycling Yard

We Buy

Admax Processing buys all ferrous and nonferrous metals from the Brisbane commercial and domestic markets. If you have scrap metal lying around that’s taking up space, give us a call and we’ll give you a fair price for it based on the current market value. Below you’ll find examples of the scrap metals that we offer top dollar for:

  • Scrap Metal

Whether ferrous or nonferrous, Admax Processing offers great prices for all your scrap metal. We buy scrap metals from all local businesses, including manufacturers, builders, demolition companies, electricians and plumbers, as well as local homeowners and individuals, like car enthusiasts.

  • Aluminium

Along with aluminium cans, we buy all aluminium scrap, including boat, car and industrial aluminium scrap. Collecting your aluminium drink cans and selling them to us is a great way to raise funds for your school or not-for-profit organisation.

  • Stainless Steel

Whatever stainless steel items you have lying around, we’ll pay you top dollar for them. From kitchen sinks to the excess from machine cut stainless steel, we buy all stainless steel scrap.  

  • Copper

There are many copper scrap varieties and we’ll buy whatever you have to sell. Whether copper wiring, roofing copper, copper cable or copper from an engine, we’ll take it off your hands and give you an industry-competitive price for it.

  • Brass

One of the many nonferrous metals that we specialise in, Admax Processing buys all brass scrap, including brass castings, taps, valves, pipes, radiators, heater cores, turnings and more. Don’t let your scrap brass collect dust, sell it to us for a top price.

  • PC Mainboards

Motherboards are actually very valuable items as they contain precious metals such as gold. Moreover, because they release toxins as they disintegrate, they need to be disposed of responsibly using environmentally-friendly methods. We use the latest recycling techniques to ensure the toxic materials in motherboards are disposed of properly.  

  • Catalytic Convertors

Old ‘cats’ can be processed, so don’t throw your old catalytic converter away, sell it to us for some extra cash. If you have a lot of catalytic converters to sell and you’re located in Brisbane, give us a call and we’ll pick them up from your home or workplace.  

  • Precious Metals

We specialise in all precious metals, including coins, nuggets, gold, silver and platinum. What’s more, if you have any electronic devices which contain precious materials lying around and collecting dust, sell them to us and we’ll ensure they’re scrapped and recycled properly to help eliminate toxic waste.

For an honest and fair price on all scrap metals, or to learn more about the metals we buy, give Admax Processing a call today on (07) 3865 2411 – we pay top cash for your scrap.